Extracting Answers Through Wax Pouring

Asking questions is something I do; it is something I have always done.  I want to know the answers to everything. Asking helps me to understand the nuances of each situation whether they are big or small.  This annoys people at times because they feel as though I am questioning their authority, judging their decisions, or showing them a lack of trust.  However, I am doing none of those things.  I am merely trying to understand the situation fully.

Sometimes we go through life without asking questions.  We do this for different reasons. There are times we do not really care.  Maybe we would rather do as we are told. Perhaps we are just afraid of what we will hear.  When it comes to personal growth, this fear is what often prevents us from asking ourselves questions.

As we look at the world around us, we see the hustle and bustle of daily life. We are busy.  But even though we complain about how busy we all are, we continue to keep ourselves busy.  We feed ourselves with chaos so that we can avoid reality.  Society is all about numbing.  Pick your poison people.  Food, drugs, alcohol, sex, Netflix, social media — all are ways for us to escape reality.  If you are busy, all you will hear is noise, and everything will be well for a time. 

Our world has changed though.  With a pandemic affecting all of us in different ways, we should be asking ourselves some questions. Important questions to start with are these:  Why do you need to be busy all the time?  Why aren’t you finding time for rest, mediation, nature, learning, growth, etc.?  Why do you choose to medicate instead of facilitate?  Well, the answer is simple:  Facing the silence is hard.  It can also be lonely, upsetting, unpleasant, or even terrifying.  However, it is in the silence that we find the answers we have been looking for all along. 

Sometimes we know the answers, but we choose to avoid them.  We are our own obstacle at times.  That is the reality.  We were in our own way the entire time.  This has certainly been true for me at times in my life.  While this is hard to admit, it is an important step in creating change.  We likely knew this subconsciously, but we numbed ourselves enough to avoid reality for a time.  Of course, we do need a break, but we need to know the difference between a much needed break verses total denial of reality.  This is how healing begins.

When you are ready to hear the answers, but you do not know what questions to ask, a great place to start is to experience a Wax Pouring Ceremony.  Wax Pouring is a form of divination.  It is a way for you to glean the answers you need now.  The wax does not lie.  Spirit guides the messages that you hear during the session.  Know that no session is the same for any person.  The past, the present, or the future may appear to you.  Often there are messages from animals, your guides, etc.  Things that we have buried can also appear and then be released.  The possibilities are endless. What you do with the message is up to you.