Wax Pouring

wax pouringThe Ukrainian Wax Pouring Ceremony is called Strakh Vylyvaty.  Translated this means to pour out the fear. The Wax Pouring Ceremony is a traditional healing technique where the healer melts bee’s wax, and then pours it into cold water.  Once the wax solidifies in the water,  the shapes can be interpreted. The wax shapes contain the fears that are poured out of person.  With the absence of overwhelming fear and anxiety, a person can move forward and allow physical, emotional, or spiritual healing to begin.

Wax pouring is a form of divination.  It also provides a way for us to extract the information we need in our lives.  If you have questions about the wax pouring ceremony or you would like to book a session, please visit my contact page and send me an email.