To say Dawn has helped me through parts of my life is a complete understatement. I have had Reiki sessions with Dawn, both in-person and distant. I knew I had always been open to energy work, but to experience it personally has been mentally, emotionally, and physically healing. I was a bit skeptical about my first distance session. All I can say is, “Wow!” I’ll never forget sending her a voice message expressing my amazement. Dawn is an amazing individual in so many ways, and her gift and intuition are truly something to experience.

My dog, Marley, has had a few distance Reiki sessions with Dawn. He needed knee surgery for a torn ACL, and the sessions have really helped Marley in the healing process. During the sessions, Marley has been able to fully relax and exudes a calmness that a two year old pup may not always experience. The vet had said that Marley most likely will not be able to put any pressure on his leg for at least a week. In my amazement, Marley was putting pressure and even walking a bit on his leg two days post-surgery. I truly believe that it has also reduced his stress and anxiety a lot. Marley and I both appreciate and value the support, knowledge, compassion, and so much more that Dawn presents. I do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone interested in exploring Reiki and the other treatments she provides. ~ Heather H.

Profound. Insightful. Nurturing. Supported.
It’s hard to sum up a session with Dawn, however the words above are felt each time I work with her. I have experienced both in person (wax pouring and energy work) and distance sessions with Dawn and have been blown away at the depth of self and healing I reach in each appointment, regardless of it being in person or through distance.
I’d like to add, (in case others may benefit from knowing) I was skeptical of my first distance session – a side effect of my ‘modern day, analytical’ thought processes, and yet the distance sessions I’ve had with Dawn have been some of the most powerful and affirming ones to date.
Without a doubt, the healing, knowledge, growth, and unfolding of myself that Dawn has supported and guided me through is invaluable and I eagerly look forward to seeing what reveals itself next as I continue to work with her. ~ Sharla

Dawn has helped me out so much these last two days . I woke up with a really sore shoulder and stiff neck . I could hardly turn to look . She did two distance treatments for me and my neck and shoulder feel great. It was so awesome that I could get help like this and not have to leave my home.
Dawn also has done many healing sessions for my son and most of it has been done distantly. It is great for you or your kids that are not comfortable with other people or shy. You can stay right at home with them ( in their comfort zone) and get them the help they need . The reiki session/ energy healing helps for the mind and body so much, has helped my son with injuries, begin able to accept and let go of things, helping us parents understand things that are little ones can’t always tell us, or when they are mad and upset.
Dawn’s gift she has to share with us is incredible. Glad to have her.
~ Crystal


Mystic Willow…what a perfect name for what Dawn emulates. She is a strong, grounded, passionate individual who enjoys sharing her gifts with others – whether that is the gift of intuition, understanding, or compassion. Her ability to “read” people often allows her to know what you or your body/mind/spirit is in need of during treatment…without you having to say a word.
Sometimes it is challenging to open up to energy healing work. Often, our life experiences have led to the building of invisible walls of protection around our inner thoughts and feelings. You can be assured that Dawn understands the bravery it takes to open yourself up to energy work, and will honour your wishes every step of the way. She will take your openness, treat it as a special gift, and walk with you along the path of discovery. She is truly interested in making each person their best possible self, and draws upon her wealth of information of different modalities to do so. I am grateful to have Dawn be my guide as I journey along the path of inner release and emotional freedom. Thank you! – Melissa E


I just received a Reiki session from a distance from Dawn, and I am thoroughly impressed.  In the past, I have had in-person sessions with Dawn and have found them to be very relaxing, insightful, and rewarding.  However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, in-person sessions were not an option.  I have been feeling increasingly stressed and overburdened at work so Dawn suggested a distance appointment.  At first I was skeptical, but after the session, I was amazed as to what I experienced and how engaging it was.  We discussed the treatment the next day, and we were on the same page as to what was happening during the session.  She also provided me with a breathing technique and strategies to help as well.  I will definitely be booking subsequent distance sessions with her, especially during COVID, or when my schedule does not work to see her in-person. Thanks so much Dawn!  — Kyle R. _______________________________________________________________

Dawn has an uncanny ability to show up in my life when I need her most. She has helped me to make the best career choice for me, seen me through illness, and just seems to pop up when my life is in turmoil. I have been doing in person sessions with Dawn for quite some time and always found them to be exactly what I need. There really are no words to describe the sense of calm I have after a session with her!
When Dawn suggested I try a distance session I, like many others, was very unsure that distance would have the same results. Well I was very wrong! So many aspects of the session felt like she was right there with me. I got every result I was hoping for from the session and more. The same calmness flowed through my body when the session was complete. She is truly gifted, and I am very grateful that she is in my life. ~ Leslie


Dawn came into my life when I needed someone the most. I was a mess to say the least, she has been an absolute treasure. She has helped me heal, shown me a better understanding and way of living, and been an absolute rock when I needed someone the most. Dawn is very gifted at what she does, whether it be for injuries, sickness, or just needing that extra adjustment because something is just not feeling right. I will continue seeing Dawn for Reiki as it has truly made my life a happier place to be.

You must also check out Dawn’s jewelry; it is amazing. I have several pieces and love everyone. All original and made just for you!!
~ Sherry Serhan

Dawn has been a big help to us and our business. She has helped us, our family, and our animals with her distance reiki. If someone is not well, injured, or just needs some extra energy work, her help is always helpful and accurate. Can’t thank her enough for her time and effort in sharing her gifts with us! Glad we have her. ~ J & J Tilley


As someone who is relatively new to receiving energy work, my experiences working with Dawn have had a positive, lasting impact on both my physical and emotional well-being. She has true gifts of insight and healing. The process of conversation and healing work with Dawn have really encouraged me to reflect more deeply on things about my own self and the world around me. She is calm, clear, and compassionate. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who has a curiosity about or interest in exploring Reiki or other traditional healing techniques. ~ Chantelle

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  1. I’ve been very pleased with Dawn’s energy at first! She is very kind, easy to communicate and friendly. The pouring wax was amazing, I’ve Slavic roots and I know that this method works, as many, many centuries ago in Western Europe. That was a reason I’ve tried it here with Dawn, I didn’t regret . That was interesting experience and lots of info that I had to digest. Then I’ve booked her for Reiki.: strong healing energy ! As a healer myself, I could really feel the energy through her 🙌! Thank you, Dawn

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