Profound. Insightful. Nurturing. Supported.
It’s hard to sum up a session with Dawn, however the words above are felt each time I work with her. I have experienced both in person (wax pouring and energy work) and distance sessions with Dawn and have been blown away at the depth of self and healing I reach in each appointment, regardless of it being in person or through distance.
I’d like to add, (in case others may benefit from knowing) I was skeptical of my first distance session – a side effect of my ‘modern day, analytical’ thought processes, and yet the distance sessions I’ve had with Dawn have been some of the most powerful and affirming ones to date.
Without a doubt, the healing, knowledge, growth, and unfolding of myself that Dawn has supported and guided me through is invaluable and I eagerly look forward to seeing what reveals itself next as I continue to work with her. ~ Sharla

Dawn came into my life when I needed someone the most. I was a mess to say the least, she has been an absolute treasure. She has helped me heal, shown me a better understanding and way of living, and been an absolute rock when I needed someone the most. Dawn is very gifted at what she does, whether it be for injuries, sickness, or just needing that extra adjustment because something is just not feeling right. I will continue seeing Dawn for Reiki as it has truly made my life a happier place to be.

You must also check out Dawns jewelry, it is amazing. I have several pieces and love everyone. All original and made just for you!!
~ Sherry Serhan


Dawn has been a big help to us and our business. She has helped us, our family, and our animals with her distance reiki. If someone is not well, injured, or just needs some extra energy work, her help is always helpful and accurate. Can’t thank her enough for her time and effort in sharing her gifts with us! Glad we have her. ~ J & J Tilley

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  1. I’ve been very pleased with Dawn’s energy at first! She is very kind, easy to communicate and friendly. The pouring wax was amazing, I’ve Slavic roots and I know that this method works, as many, many centuries ago in Western Europe. That was a reason I’ve tried it here with Dawn, I didn’t regret . That was interesting experience and lots of info that I had to digest. Then I’ve booked her for Reiki.: strong healing energy ! As a healer myself, I could really feel the energy through her 🙌! Thank you, Dawn

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